Removing nail polish from Acrylic and Gel nails is easy using our polish remover methods

03-04-2017 Vy Nhu
Most nail polish removers are made with acetone. This is the same ingredient used to strip off acrylics. This is why it is best to use a non-acetone nail polish remover as opposed to your regular one.

When you attempt to remove nail polish from your acrylic or gel nails, extra care needs to be taken. If you are not careful, you could damage your artificial nails or worse, you could remove them completely. Most nail polish removers are made with acetone. This is the same ingredient used to strip off acrylics. This is why it is best to use a non-acetone nail polish remover as opposed to your regular one. However, keep in mind that gel nail polish requires more elbow grease than an acetone based remover. That is why a nail file is needed for gel nail polish.

We are extra keen on methods that limit contact with chemicals that is harmful to your skin and natural nail. That is why we’ve chosen these two methods to always keep you, your artificial nails and your natural nails looking healthy and on point all the time.


How to use Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover for Acrylic nails that works

Now that we know that acetone might remove your acrylics, we have to remove this from our method altogether.  Check on the bottle to make sure that you are indeed purchasing a Non- Acetone based nail polish remover. Check the bottle to ensure that you are getting the right kind.

We love NON-Acetone Nail Polish Remover by Beauty Secrets:

We love this product as it contains a special formula that is perfect for weak or brittle nails. It does not dry out your nails and cause further damage that acrylic nails are prone to get. Your nails are left soft and smooth. This formula acts fast to obtain maximum results. It is ideal for sculptured nails and tips.


Removing the non-acetone way

  • Apply nail polish remover to a cotton ball. Add enough so that the ball is moist, but not too wet so that any of the liquid drips.
  • We prefer lint-free cotton pads as there is no fuzz leftover to clean off.
  • Gently rub your nails with the cotton ball. Rub the moist part of the cotton ball on your nail. The rubbing will remove the nail polish from your nails.
  • This may take a little longer than acetone nail polish remover as it is not as strong. It is however, gentler on your nails and skin.
  • Replace the cotton balls or cotton pads as needed. You will probably need to use at least four cotton pads to remove the nail polish from your nails. This is dependent on the amount of nail polish on your nails.


How to remove gel nail polish safely and correctly

150 – 180 grit nail files are ideal to shape the free edges of acrylics and gels. It assists with light shaping and sometimes used to lightly etch the natural nail in preparation for a product. It is also the perfect consistency to gently chip away at nail polish on gel nails.

We adore this 150/150 grit nail file:

Gentle filing gel nail polish gets the job done

  • You will need a 150 – 180 grit nail file that has enough texture to file off the gel polish.
  • Make sure that you move the nail file in one direction over your fingernails.
  • While holding the nail file in one hand, gently press the file onto the surface of one of your nails.
  • Then start moving the file in swift strokes going in one direction.
  • As you do this, you should start to see the nail polish come off of your nails in small quantities.
  • Do not focus on one area and ensure that you move the file over different parts of your finger nails.
  • This avoids creating heat over one part of the nail which is caused by friction caused by the file.
  • This is time consuming, so it is an excellent idea to keep you occupied by watching television or even having a conversation with a friend, if she doesn’t mind.

Whether you are using a non-acetone based remover or a nail file a great follow up is essential for your nail and cuticle health. To get healthier nails, make use of these tips that we will always include in our manicure routine.

  • Use a high quality moisturizer for your hands, nails and cuticles.
  • Scrub your fingernails using a nail brush to remove any leftover nail polish as well as dirt.
  • A superb cuticle moisturizer is essential.
  • Give your hands and nails a gentle massage to get your blood circulation going.
  • Add some color by using high quality nail polish to keep your nails looking spiffy at all times.


Vital tips to consider

  • Don’t pick off your nail polish…EVER.  This could damage your artificial nails. This is especially true for gel polish over your acrylics. Picking at it can cause layers of your nail to peel off.
  • Only use non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • Be aware that acrylic nails can cause serious damage to your natural nails.
  • Make sure that you have the right tools.
  • Always remember that you need to get touch-ups at a salon every two to three weeks while wearing acrylic nails. This helps to prevent nail infections and keep your nails fabulous at all times.

When you decide to do a color change in between manicures, whether on acrylic nails or gel nails, the removal of the old polish is a vital part of keeping your artificial and natural nails in great shape. Always use gentle methods that will save time as best possible, but more importantly nourish your nails. Using a non-acetone based remover is better for acrylic nails. Using a gentle filing method is ideal to remove gel nail polish. This might be a little time consuming, however the results are healthy finger nails.

Which method do you use to remove either Acrylic nails or gel nails? Let us know if there is any other technique that all of us would benefit from. Trust us; we’ll be stoked to hear from you.